Thursday, November 21, 2013

Free after extrabucks items are back!

Last year before Thanksgiving, I saved a lot of money and got a lot of extrabucks rewards by taking advantage of all the free after extrabucks rewards deals CVS had before Thanksgiving.

Well, they're back again!

One of the deals I picked up last year is a box of Kraft Macaroni 'n Cheese for 99 cents with the total purchase price back in extrabucks rewards. That deal is back again from Nov. 24-26 along the other free after extrabucks rewards deals:

Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Warmer 1 ct. $1.25-$1.25 extrabucks rewards.
Sparkle Single Big Roll Paper Towels. $1-$1 extrabucks rewards.
Total Home Laundry Detergent 20 oz. $1.79-$1.79 extrabucks rewards.
Hershey’s Singles Candy Bar 1.4-2.06 oz. 79 cents-79 cents extrabucks rewards.
Orbit Gum 14 ct. $1-$1 extrabucks rewards.
5 Gum 15 ct. $1-$1 extrabucks rewards.
Hershey’s Theater Box Candy 4-6 oz. $1-$1 extrabucks rewards.
Rescue Pastilles Stress Relief 1.7 oz. $7.79-$7.79 extrabucks rewards.
Children's Advil Suspension 1 oz. $2.37-$2.37 extrabucks rewards.
Mycratine Homeopathic Migraine Relief 2 oz. $4.99-$4.99 extrabucks rewards.
Advil Film-Coated 4 ct. 99 cents-99 cents extrabucks rewards.
Somnapure 4 ct. $1.99-$1.99 extrabucks rewards.
Starbucks Refreshers 12 oz. or DoubleShot 6.5 oz. 2/$3-$3 extrabucks rewards with the purchase of two.
CVS Probiotic with 3 Billion Strains 15 ct. $9.99-$9.99 extrabucks rewards.
CVS Anti-Diarrheal 12 ct. $4-$4 extrabucks rewards.
CVS Pantiliners 20 ct. 99 cents-99 cents extrabucks rewards.
CVS Training Pants Trial Size 2 ct. or CVS Ultra-Soft Cleansing Wipes 12 ct. 99 cents-99 cents extrabucks rewards.
Ricola Extra Strength Cough Drops 4 ct. 99 cents-99 cents extrabucks rewards.
G•U•M Toothbrush 2 pk. $2-$2 extrabucks rewards (may be repeated twice).
CVS True Result Blood Glucose Monitoring System. $12.99-$12.99 extrabucks rewards.

Some deals that are almost free are:

Colgate Total 4-4.2 oz. $3-$2.50 coupon from the ExtraCare Coupon Center.
Right Guard Total Defense 5 or Extreme Antiperspirant/Deodorant. $2.99-$2 extrabucks rewards.
Listerine Original, Cool Mint, FreshBurst, Zero 500ml or PocketPaks 72 ct. $2.99-$2 extrabucks rewards (may be repeated twice).
Chex Mix or Gardetto’s 5.5-8.75 oz. $1.99-$1 extrabucks rewards.

I found some coupons/deals to make some of these deals moneymakers. has a $1 coupon for the Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Warmer, which means an extra dollar in your pocket. SavingStar has a $1 back deal on the Right Guard, which gets you a penny back. If you wanted to get two Right Guard items, there is a $2 coupon  on for the purchase of 2 Right Guard deodorant/antiperspirant products. Then you would get 2 Right Guards for 98 cents after extrabucks rewards and the SavingStar deal.

May or may not back during the weekend. Don't have definite plans for most of the weekend, but I know I'll be at CVS on Sunday morning picking up some of these deals! Hope all of you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It pays to take your vitamins!

I always love when CVS has Buy 1, Get 1 Free deals on vitamins because I take Vitamin D daily to combat chronic low vitamin D levels. But I was thrilled when I saw that CVS not only had another Buy 1, Get 1 Free vitamin deal this week, but CVS shoppers can get extrabucks rewards as well.

ALL CVS Calcium, Multiple or Letter Vitamins are part of the Buy 1, Get 1 Free plus $3 extrabucks rewards deal with the purchase of four bottles. CVS vitamins other than those previously mentioned are also eligible for the $3 extrabucks rewards deal, but they aren't part of the Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal. Examples of those would be fish oil, CO Q-10, glucosamine chondroitin, and iron.

But that's not the only extrabucks rewards deal CVS has this week on vitamins. Nature Made 60 ct. VitaMelts are on sale for $6.99 with $5 extrabucks rewards. By registering for the Nature Made Wellness Rewards program, you can not only get a $1 coupon on the VitaMelts, but you can earn points towards $3 and $7 coupons by entering the codes of vitamins you purchase.

Last, but certainly not least, there is a Buy $20, Get $5 extrabucks rewards or Buy $30, Get $10 Extrabucks rewards deal on Schiff Glucosamine, Move Free or MegaRed, and there is a Buy 1 Get 1 50 percent off deal on those supplements.

Wish all of you a wonderful evening.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why you should to go to CVS this week!

(NOTE: Found out that the 2/$1 2-liter and 4/$10 12-pack deals were only Sunday-Monday deals. Sorry for the confusion, but there was nothing online to indicate they were two-day deals only.)

I'm not used to how CVS presents deals in its new online yet, so I didn't really see much that grabbed me the first time I went through it, so I decided to take one more glance, and I'm glad I did!

The big deal at CVS this week is that anyone with an ExtraCare card can take that card to the ExtraCare Card Center and scan it for a free 24 ct. bottle of CVS acetaminophen!

AND all Pepsi, A&W, 7UP, Canada Dry, and Sunkist 2-liter bottles are on sale for 2/$1 with a limit of 4! Additionally, All Pepsi and Dr. Pepper brand 12-pks are on sale for 4/$10, and 7UP, Canada Dry, Sunkist, and A&W brand 12-pks are on sale for 3/$11.

For all of the Colgate fans out there, there is a really great extrabucks rewards deals on Colgate toothpaste and Colgate mouthwash this week. CVS shoppers can get $2.50 extrabucks rewards on 6 oz. tubes of Colgate MaxClean, MaxFresh, or MaxWhite toothpaste. The even better news is they are on sale for only $3! Also on sale are 1-liter bottles of Colgate mouthwash for $5.99 with $3 in extrabucks rewards. Additionally, has a $2 coupon good for the 1 liter size to boot, which would make a bottle 99 cents after extrabucks rewards!

Finally, if you are a chronic allergy sufferer like I am, CVS brand Cetirizine, Loratadine or Fexofenadine 30 ct. are Buy 1, Get 1 free this week!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, and God bless our veterans for what they have done for our country and those presently in the military for their service.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Double CVS Beuaty Club rewards during November!

I always though December or February were months for beauty products because they holidays bring a lot of parties where a lady want to look her best, and February is a time to enhance one's beauty for the love in one's life.

However, CVS seems to think November should be the month of beauty because CVS Beauty Club members will get $10 for every $50 of beauty items purchased instead of the usual $5!

This week's CVS weekly has the following extrabucks rewards beauty deals:

$4 extrabucks rewards with the purchase of 2 Aveeno Lotion 8-12 oz., Cream 3-7.3 oz., ALL Aveeno Personal Cleansing, Curél, Jergens Lotion 13-21 oz., Bioré Cleanser 4.5-6.77 oz., Towelettes 30 ct. or Pore Strips 6-8 ct.
Buy $10, Get $4 extrabucks rewards on ALL Almay Cosmetics.
$2 extrabucks rewards with the purchase of  Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color or Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. (Can be repeated twice!)
Buy $10, Get $3 extrabucks rewards on Nuance Salma Hayek Cosmetics, Hair, Body or Facial Care.
$3 extrabucks rewards on ALL Revlon Lip Products or Nail Polish.(Can be repeated six times!)
Buy $15, Get $5 extrabucks rewards on Maybelline Foundation, Powder, Blush, Concealer, Eye or Lip Products.
Buy $15, Get $7 extrabucks rewards on Milani Cosmetics.
Buy $12, Get $4 extrabucks rewards on ALL L'Oreal Face, Eye or Lip Products.
Buy $12, Get $4 extrabucks rewards Softsoap Body Wash 15-18 oz., Liquid Hand Soap 8.5 oz., Irish Spring Body Wash 15 oz. or Bar 6 pk.: 2/$7
$4 extrabucks rewards with the purchase of 2 Neutrogena Hand Cream 2 oz., ALL Neutrogena Hair Care, Men’s or Specialty Bath Items.
Get $4 extrabucks rewards on any 2 L'Oreal Hair Color.
Buy $20, Get $5 extrabucks rewards on ANY Garnier Skin Care.

As tempting as it is to run out and pick up some of these deals, I would wait on all of them until Thursday with the exception of the Softsoap/Irish Spring deal. All of the other deals don't feature any sale-priced items, and CVS may send of a percentage off deal on all regular-priced items out on Thursday. I'd also check the CVS website online tomorrow (11/4/13) to see of if there are any coupons waiting for you at the ExtraCare Coupon Center than can be used on any of these deals. Last week I got a $3 off of any Revlon cosmetics items that I definitely am going to use on the Revlon deal!

The following coupons that can be used on these deals are listed in Sunday Coupon Preview as being available in Sunday (11/3/13) papers:


$1 off any Garnier moisturizer
$3 off of L'Oreal Preference hair color


$1/1 any Aveeno product (excludes cleansing bars, trial sizes and 2.5 oz. body lotion sizes)
$2/2 any Aveeno products (excludes cleansing bars, trial sizes and 2.5 oz. body lotion sizes)
$2/2 any Neutrogena hair, hand, body or men’s products (excludes trial size, clearance products and bar soap)


$2 off of any L'Oreal Paris Feria (excludes Wild Ombre)
$2 off of any L'Oreal Paris Healthy Look Crème Gloss Color


$1 off of any Dream or any Maybelline New York product

On L'Oreal Paris website

$3 off of any L'Oreal Excellence
$1 off of any L'Oreal product

On Healthy Essentials website

$1 on any Neutrogena Facial Cleanser or Moisturizer (excludes Neutrogena bar soap and trial/travel sizes)
$1/1 any Aveeno product (excludes cleansing bars, trial sizes and 2.5 oz. body lotion sizes)
$2/2 any Aveeno products (excludes cleansing bars, trial sizes and 2.5 oz. body lotion sizes)
(Note: these coupons can be printed only once)

All for now. Hope all of you have had a good weekend.