Monday, May 20, 2013

Get more than extrabucks with the $3 Special K extrabucks rewards deal

Although it isn't always in the CVS weekly ad, the $3 extrabucks rewards deal on Special K cereals and bars continues through June 1, according to the price tags on those products in my local CVS store.But even better is additional rewards you can get by taking advantage of deals that are listed on the boxes of those products.

When I first took advantage of the Special K deal, I was having a hard time deciding which cereal to get since I like almost all of them. Then I saw that the Special K Red Berries boxes had $1 coupons towards the purchase of one box of Red Berries cereal.That made my decision pretty easy. Since it's near the top of my list of favorite Special K cereal varieties, I bought three boxes of them so I can save an extra $3 on on the Special K deal the next time I need cereal.

But there are two other offers I've seen on Special K boxes I am planning to take advantage of. The first is a free year's subscription to Shape deal. By entering the codes on five specially marked packages of Special K products, one not only will get a year's subscription to Shape, but each code entered also give one a chance to win instant prizes. Those include 4 treadmills, 25 $100 pre-loaded gift cards, and 300 Special K branded yoga mats. I've found boxes of more than one variety of Special K cereal in my local CVS that have the Shape deal on them. However, the deal ends on December 19, 2013, so there is plenty of time to collect these codes.

The other offer is for free nail polish from Nicole by OPI. By entering just three codes from specially marked packages, one can get a free bottle of Challenge Red-Y nail polish. One can get a collection of three Nicole by OPI nail polish colors specially created for Special K. While I haven't seen many boxes in my local CVS that feature this deal, I did see a few at one of the CVS stores in my town just yesterday. Since the deal ends March 11, 2014, however, one has plenty of time to collect codes for this deal.

Codes for both of these deals not only count towards the a free Shape magazine subscription or free Nicole by OPI nail polish, but they also can be accumulated for items available through the Kellogg's Family Rewards program. So far, the only thing I've used my points toward is $1.50 coupons good on Kellogg and related brand items. Generally, one has to have 1,000 points to get a coupon, but there was a coupon "sale" at the end of last year when coupons were available for just 100 points. But there are other items available, such as magazine subscriptions, sporting gear, gift certificates, children's books, and contest entries.

Now that I've finished this post, I'm going to enter some more Kellogg's Family Rewards codes.

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