Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Check out SavingStar for additional savings now and in the future

Sorry I haven't written anything lately. Had some things that took me away from CVS Tips for awhile. But I did want to make some time to tell everyone about the new SavingStar offers and how they can be used to save you money this and future weeks.

Just saw a few minutes ago that SavingStar has a Buy $30, Get $5 back on all Nestle frozen food products. Those include:

Hot Pockets
Lean Cuisine
Lean Pockets
Nestle Ice Cream
Tombstone Pizza
Wonka Ice Cream
Jack's Pizza
Skinny Cow frozen treats
California Pizza Kitchen Pizza
DiGiornio Pizza
Purina Frosty Paws

Currently Nestle Ice Cream treats and Skinny Cow frozen treats are on sale for $3.99 a box. 14-oz containers of Haagen-Dazs are on special for 2/$7 as well. The SavingStar deal runs on these items until July 31, and these items can be bought in multiple trips.

Chex Mix is on sale for 99 cents a bag this week at CVS, and CVS shoppers can get 50 cents back from CVS as well. If just one bag isn't enough, there is a 50 cent coupon for 2 bags on Coupons.com.

There also is a Buy $15, Get $5 deal on Axe products. CVS seems to have a deal on those products regularly, and this would be an opportunity to save even more money when they are on sale at CVS. The SavingStar Axe deal ends August 29, so there is plenty of time to buy enough Axe products to get the $5 for SavingStar.

The earliest I will be back will be this weekend. Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July!

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