Monday, September 16, 2013

Cereal, breakfast bars, coffee, juice, and savings

Cheerios has been a favorite cereal of mine since I was a child. While I like many of the flavored varieties that have come out since I was an adult, I always have a soft spot for the original Cheerios in the yellow box.

No matter what variety of Cheerios you like, CVS has 11.25-14 oz. boxes on sale this week for 2/$4 as well as 5-count boxes of Fiber One bars. If you belong to SavingStar, you can get 50 cents back on the original Cheerios as well as 50 cents back on one box of Fiber One protein bars.

Additionally, has a 50 cents off coupon on Honey Nut Cheerios as well as a $1/3 boxes of any General Mills Cereal.

Rounding out the cereal and breakfast bar deals are Quaker instant oatmeal and Quaker Chewy granola bars at 2/$5 and Gold Emblem breakfast bars, also at 2/$5.

Also on sale this week at CVS are Special K cereal, bars, and pastry crisps at 2/$5 with $1 in extrabucks rewards. There is a $1/3 coupon on for the cereal. If you are a member of Kellogg's Family Rewards, you also can get double points on Special K® Bars, Beverages, Breakfast Shakes, Chips, Crackers, Frozen Breakfasts, Hot Cereal, Sweet Snacks, Waffles and Red Berries Cereal through 9/30/2013. Special K chips also are on sale at CVS this week for 2/$5.

To go along with the cereal and breakfast bars, you can wash them down with milk, juice, or coffee as there are several sales on these items this week.

If you're buying cereal, you need milk to pour over it, and CVS has a $1 extrabucks rewards deal on Dean's Milk, which is priced at $2.99 this week. There also is a $1 extrabucks rewards deal on Ocean Spray juice this week, which is on sale for 2/$6. 64 oz. bottles of CVS' Gold Emblem juice also are on sale for $2.79 as well as Tropicana Orange Juice for $2.99. Kellogg's Breakfast Shakes also are on sale at CVS for $4.99. has a 2/$2 coupon for the shakes.

CVS also has some deals on coffee for those CVS shoppers who need a cup of coffee to start their days. Maxwell House in 30.6 and 34.5 oz. sizes are on sale for $6.99. Also on sale are several varieties of Gold Emblem coffee as well as Gold Emblem sweetener for $4.99. If you prefer sweetening your coffee and cereal with sugar, canister of Domino granulated sugar are on sale for 2/$6.

After eating breakfast, it would be time to brush one's teeth, and CVS once again has several oral care deals that will be the subject on the next edition of CVS Tips.

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