Tuesday, September 10, 2013

If you're getting $3 off $10 shave, deodorant, or oral care ExtraCare Coupon Center coupons...

...there are lots of ways to use it PLUS there also are online coupons with which it can be combined.

Listerine 1.5 liter, whitening rinse 32 oz., and Total Care or Ultraclean 1 liter are on sale along with 2.6-3 oz. Rembrandt toothpaste are on sale for $5.99 each. Buying two of them at a $11.98 total would allow you to use the $3 coupon, which would take you down to $8.98 for two items. But you can get an even lower price with $2 coupons on Coupons.com and on the CVS website on 1 liter or larger adult care Listerine products and on Rembrandt toothpaste. With $4 total in coupons, that would take you to $4.98 two of the featured products.

If you happen to prefer Colgate toothpaste over Rembrandt toothpaste, there is a $2 extrabucks rewards deal that can be repeated twice on Colgate Max 6.0 oz., Colgate Total 4-4.2 oz., or 2-in-1 4.6 oz. All are on sale for $2.99 each. Two tubes of toothpaste would be $5.98. With the $2 coupon for the Listerine and the $4 extrabucks rewards on two tubes of toothpaste AND the $3 coupon, it would be like getting $11.97 in oral care products for only $2.97!

An extrabucks rewards deal where the $3 coupon may be able to be used is the $2 extrabucks rewards deal on multipacks of  Crest, Fixodent, Glide, or Oral-B. The deal can be repeated twice, so if you do the deal two times you can get $4 in extrabucks rewards. Additionally, there are 50 cent coupons on Coupons.com and P&G Everyday for various varieties of Crest.

There are some Buy 1, Get 1 50 percent off deals on oral care products where the $3 coupon could be used provided CVS customer buy enough of the featured products to get to $10. One of those deals is on Sensodyne twin packs or Pronamel rinse, and the other is on 78-120 ct. Polident tablets or 1.6-2.4 oz. Poligrip or 40 ct. Poligrip strips. There is a 75 cent coupon for Sensodyne on the Sensodyne website and a $1 coupon on the Pronamel site for the rinse. There are $1 coupons for Polident and Poligrip on the Policare website., and there is a $1 coupon for Polident on Save.com.

If you want to take advantage of the $10 extrabucks rewards deal on any Crest 3D Whitestrips, the $3 coupon would make it easier to do so.

As far as shaving items go, the $3 coupon would be helpful to use toward the Buy $30, Get $10 extrabucks rewards on any Gillette shaving items and could be helpful if CVS shoppers buy enough Bic disposable shavers, which are buy 1, Get 1 50 percent off this week. There also is a $2 coupon on Coupons.com for the Bic Soleil Shave and Trim shaver.

There also isn't much as far as deals are concerned on deodorant this week, which is another item on which the $3 coupon can be used. If you bought three Axe deodorant/antiperspirants, which are on sale for 2/$9, you could use the $3 coupon and get 3/$10.50. Also, Mitchum/Lady Mitchum is on sale for $1.99, which makes it ideal to combine with a shaving or oral care purchase to get to $10.

Even though Dry Idea isn't on sale, there is a $3/2 coupon on Coupons.com and the CVS website as well. A Dry Idea purchase also would count toward the Buy $20, get $5 SavingStar deal on products from Henkel. At my CVS, Dry Idea sells for $4.29 or 2/$9. While the 2/$9 price isn't enough to use the $3 coupon toward, it could be combined with the $2 extrabucks rewards deal on Colgate. Since Colgate is on sale for $2.99, the total would be $11.99 for 2 Dry Idea deodorant/antiperspirants and one tube of Colgate.With the $3 coupon from the ExtraCare Coupon Center, the $3 coupon for two Dry Ideas, and the $2 extrabucks rewards on the toothpaste, it would be like purchasing all three for $3.99.

For CVS shoppers who buy CVS brands, there also is a Buy 1, Get 1 50 percent off deal that includes CVS personal care products, so if you're stocking up on those, you could use the $3 coupon to get a better deal on a purchase of $10 or more of those items.

Be back Thursday to tell you about some more of this week's deal as well as letting you know what's on the horizon for next week.

P.S. When I first told you about the $3 off coupon for shaving, deodorant, and oral care items, I mistakenly told you that it could have been used last week toward the purchase of two Edge, Skintimate, or Schick shaving gels. I thought the price of one can was $5.79, but the actual price at my CVS was $3.79. Sorry for the confusion.

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