Friday, October 18, 2013

If you like Progresso soup and belong to SavingStar, you don't want to miss next week's CVS deal!

Progresso will be on sale starting on Sunday at CVS at the incredible price of 99 cents per can!  This coincides perfectly with the $2 SavingStar members can get back with the purchase of eight cans, which would bring down the price further to 74 cents per can! AND... and the Progresso website have 50 cents/2 coupons that will take down the price to 49 cents per can for every two cans for which you have a coupon! If you can't tell, I'm super stoked about this deal!

Other SavingStar deals I'm going to take advantage of is the $1 back on the October and November People StyleWatch magazines. The October issue is on the magazine shelves until 10-18, and the November one goes up on 10-19. Now if you got a 25 percent off coupon through the mail, which is good on all regularly priced items on the 19th and 20th, you could buy the November issue with that coupon and save not only $1 through SavingStar but 25 percent on the magazine as well.

Will write another edition of CVS Tips about a cat products extrabucks rewards deal you'll won't want to miss!

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