Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How I got a 100-ct bottle of Centrum Silver for $1.99

On Sunday I got a $5 coupon for select 100-count Centrum adult vitamins. While I felt that was a good enough deal to make me think about trying them, the coupon also said to check Sunday's paper for an additional Centrum coupon.

I was surprised the coupon would say that. I once tried to cash in a CVS and a manufacturer's coupon for the same item and was told I could not do that. However, if a CVS coupon was for a general category, such as vitamins, I could use it with a manufacturer's coupon for a specific product, such as Centrum vitamins.But I checked the CVS website, and it said you can use one CVS and one manufacturer's coupon per item.

When I got home, I found the Centrum coupon in my Sunday paper. It is for $3 off Centrum regular, Silver multivitamins, or Flavor Burst Chews. There is also a coupon for $5 off Centrum Specialist multivitamins. In case you didn't get Sunday's paper, there is a $3 coupon for Centrum Silver available on the Centrum website. There also is an offer for a sample of Centrum Flavor Burst Chews on the site.

There is a deal in the CVS weekly ad on select varieties of Centrum vitamins of varying counts for $9.99, and Centrum Silver was one of them. Becuase the ad said 60-125 count bottles of Centrum Silver, I wasn't sure I would find a 100-ct. bottle, but I did!

In addition, the purchase was a cent shy of meeting the $10 minimum purchase requirement to take advantage of yesterday's Deal of the Day, which was a free 6-pack of Vitamin Water. Since I also needed milk, and there is a $1 extrabucks rewards offer on it this week, I picked up a gallon.

Even though the CVS coupon inferred that I could use both the manufacturer's coupon and the CVS coupon simultaneously, I was afraid I couldn't, so I told the cashier my concern. But as the CVS coupon said, I was able to use both coupons! I also had enough extrabucks rewards on me to pay for $1.99 I owed for the vitamins and my milk, so all I owed was about $1.60 in tax, which was partially compensated by the $1 extrabucks rewards I got on the milk.

Thanks, CVS, for the opportunity to get vitamins for such a low price!

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