Friday, November 16, 2012

Lots of free stuff next week after extracare rewards!

When I opened up the upcoming CVS Weekly Ad on the CVS website on Thursday, it took my breath away to see all of the items you can get free after extrabucks rewards! And I hope you don't turn blue when I give you a couple of links so you can make some money on your purchases.

If you get headaches as often as I do, the 10-count pocket size Advil is one of the free item you absolutely have to snag next week. The Advil website has a coupon that takes $1 off of any Advil purchase except for trial size. There is a sign-up form on the Children's Advil site for coupons. But since I no longer have children at home, I didn't go through with signing up for the coupons because it asked if I had children under 18 at home. Therefore, I'm not sure if you would get a $1 coupon that could be used for the Children's Advil Suspension travel size bottle that also is part of the CVS free after extrabucks rewards promotion.

Need some hooks for hanging items on a wall? 3M Command Hooks also are among the free after extrabucks rewards items on sale. The 3M Command webpage has a page of 50 cent coupons for their products, and there are two coupons for the hooks. However, the instructions on the coupon say that you can redeem one coupon per day. While you can get only one extrabucks rewards deal on the hooks, I could see where someone would use the other coupon and get the second one for 50 cents.

Starbucks Refreshers and Doubleshot beverages also are part of this promotion. Check the refrigerated section of your CVS store for coupon tear-off pads to get money back on your purchase. If your CVS doesn't have coupons, and you're coupon-crazy and brazen like me, try checking near the cash registers at Walmart where refrigerated beverages are kept or at a gas station/convenience store. I got a $1 coupon for Starbucks Doubleshots at Walmart.

Finally, with or without a coupon, almost everyone could use a free box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, which is also featured on the promotion.

Happy shopping at CVS this weekend!

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