Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Feminine/bladder control protection products part of $30/$10 CVSCash Card deal

I was hesitant to feature these products in a blog, but then I realized that if there's a good deal on thse type of products, you can stock up on them and minimize the number of visits to a store to buy them. Plus, it's always a good idea to keep these products in stock since you never know when an "emergency"might come up.

As far a as feminine care goes, included as eligible products for the $30/$10 CVSCash Card deal are Always/Infinity Radiant pads 24-36 ct., Radiant liners 128 ct., or Tampax Pearl/Radiant 36-40 ct. at $6.99; Kotex pads 28-44 ct., Lightdays 80-135 ct., or tampons 36 ct. at $4.99; and U by Kotex liners 50-60 ct., pads 14-18 ct., or tampons 18 ct. at $3.99. I found a $2/2 coupon for the U by Kotex tampons and a $2/2 coupon for Kotex Natural Balance products on Coupon Network.

For those of us with bladder control issues, Depend underwear 14-20 ct., guards 52 ct., and Silhouette or Real Fit 10-12 ct. are on sale for $10.99 along with Poise or Poise Hourglass 27-66 ct. If you sign up to receive offers from the Depend website, you can get a $2/2 coupon on any Depend product. On the Poise website, you can get a $2 coupon for the pads AND sign up for a free sample.

And if you have made a Depend purchase in the past, you may have gotten a $1.50 off coupon from the ExtraCare Coupon Center for Depend Real Fit and Silhouette, which can be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's coupon. It was nice to get the coupon, but it was a tad embarrassing that the coupon said, "Thank you for your recent Depend Real Fit & Silhouette purchase!"

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