Monday, January 7, 2013

The Revlon Nail Art polishes have arrived at CVS!

When I've been in other stores, I've noticed the new Revlon Nail Art collection of nail polishes. They are nail color duos that allow you to be creative with nail color. When I saw them in other stores, I thought, "It would be nice if CVS had those..." I must have wished that during the recent meteor shower because all three types are at my local CVS store!

All three of the varieties appeal to certain aspects of my personality. The glittery Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy nail colors entice the glitzy side of me. The Revlon Nail Art Expressionist variety allows me to create designs on my nails with the skinny brush that comes with the accent shade in the nail polish duo. Since I was a young adult during the 1980s, the Revlon Nail Art Neon shades allow me to go back to that more carefree time in my life.

Next week would be a good time to try them out because CVS is running a $2 extrabucks rewards deal on all Revlon nail polishes (excluding clearance), and all nail polishes (excluding clearance) are priced at $5.49. Since you can get the extrabucks rewards on up to six purchases, you can try out more than one variety to see which one works for you.

Another $2 Revlon extrabucks rewards deal CVS is running is Nearly Naked makeup, ColorStay lip, or Photo Ready BB cream. All are priced at $6.99 this week. The BB cream at $6.99 is the lowest price on BB cream I've seen at CVS, so if you like Revlon cosmetics and have wanted to try a BB cream, this $2 extrabucks rewards deal would be a good time to do so.

There are some other beauty deals in this week's CVS ad that I'll takd about later this week. But I want to wait until I gether some more information on how to get an even better deal on them!

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