Monday, January 28, 2013

Procter & Gamble coupon changes and coupon sources

Since CVS regularly has offers related to Procter & Gamble products, I'd thought I'd take the time to share a change in coupon redemption I've seen on recent coupons I've gotten from Sunday newspapers.

There now is a redemption limit of four of the same coupon each day. While it doesn't sound that different from the redemption limit of four of the same coupon per transaction that seems to be popping up on other coupons, the "per day" phrasing could be significant for redemption at CVS. Because most CVS shoppers' transactions are tracked through their ExtraCare card, one can't go back to a store later or go to another CVS store and use four more of the same coupon on the same day. Personally, this isn't something I have done, but other couponing blogs I've read have suggested this strategy. But I can understand people going out and buying multiple papers with the Procter & Gamble coupons in them because many of the Procter & Gamble brands don't seem to have online coupons.

There are a couple of Procter & Gamble sponsored programs where P&G actually will send out physical coupons. If you sign up for P&G everyday, you can get both samples and coupons for a variety of products sent to your home. There is a limit of 1 request per 90 days, but I've gotten some nice samples along with additional coupons for their products. I also recently got a $17 coupon booklet through the Procter & Gamble sponsored Home Made Simple website. Related to the CVS Procter & Gamble extrabucks rewards deals blog I wrote a couple of days ago, there were coupons in the booklet for Febreze products that could be used for this week extrabucks rewards deals on those products.

Since I seem to get good readership when I post deals on Pampers, I checked out the Pampers Village program as far as I could without actually joining since I don't have or care for anyone in diapers. While it says it offers exclusive coupons not available to those who aren't members, those coupons are online. When I've posted my link to blogs on the Pampers website, I've noticed that several people have posted that they aren't able to use online coupons because they don't have a printer.

To help out people who need physical coupons, I'm planning a way to help out in that regard. I hope to have that in place really soon.

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