Thursday, January 17, 2013

One get this week, one wait until next week deal!

Currently CVS has a $3 extrabucks rewards deal on any three American Greetings priced at $1.99 or more. You can save an extra $2 by using the coupon that is avaable on the CVS website. If each of your cards is $1.99, you'll end up paying 97 cents for all three cards after the extrabucks rewards and the coupon. There is a limit of two prints on the coupon, but there is a limit of one extrabucks rewards deal. There will be another $3 extrabucks rewards deal on American Greetings cards next week, but there will be a minimum $10 purchase. The coupons I printed off today (1-17-13) are good until Valentine's Day, so if you need more than three Valentine's Day cards, you might want to wait closer to Valentine's Day to see if they run this week's $3 extrabucks rewards deal again.

Now if you got a 20 percentr off coupon from CVS in your email today, you can use that on the pruchase of the greeting cards as well since they aren't on sale, which means if you bought three greeting cards at $1.99, you'd acutally come out ahead (3 x $1.99 =  $5.97 - $1.19 = $4.78 - $2.00 = $2.78 - $3.00  = -$-.22!)

Although 12-pks of Coke products went down from 3/$10 last week to 3/$9 this week, they will go down even further to 4/$10 next week. AND purchases 12-pks of Coke products will count toward ANOTHER $30/$10 CVSCash Card deal next week!

Be back tomorrow with beauty deals that count toward next week's $30/$10 CVSCash Card deal!

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